Light on Glass

The eye is able to catch many of the fine light details when we look around us. We see the shades of dark as well as the reflections of light. Often with a camera it is difficult to capture these two contrasting points, but by taking multiple exposures at different light levels and then merging the photos together we can create a more dynamic image.

HDR Photography opens up a new dimension to capturing images. Grains of wood and stone pick up the light and reflect it many ways, whilst glass also performs well at throwing off reflected beams of light.

I used the original sky from the middle of 3 photos I took here at -1EV 0 and +1EV. (This is before I realised my camera wouldn’t take 3 shots at -2 0 +2 for me and I had to start taking 5 shots to get the range I wanted). This was one of my first photos I actually liked the sky color as it was a blue and not gray.

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